Total Goal Odd-Even Soccer Betting Information

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Many people are looking for total goal Odd-Even Soccer betting information. This is the most recent betting trends among bettors. Some big bookmakers such as The Biggest Online Sports Betting Site In Malaysia have included this type of betting in their website. It may seem simple on the surface, but actually it is quite challenging. Some others think that the guessing bet is a pure luck.

Total Goal Odd-Even Soccer Betting Information

What Is Even-Odd Betting?

This system is actually very simple. In a specific soccer match, you just need to guess whether the match will end with even or odd number. The number is the total of both teams. For example, the match between team A and B ends with 3-0. It will be counted as odd, since the final number is three.

The score is taken from regular time only. Injury time is considered part of regular game, too. However, extra time and penalty shoots are excluded from the regular time. During the whole match you will experience the thrill, since one goal could change your fate from winner to loser. Those who bet for money usually pass the chance to join this bet.

Total Goal Odd-Even Soccer Betting Information
Total Goal Odd-Even Soccer Betting Information

Why Is It Popular?

The main reason of its popularity is the luck factor. Some bettors argue that without any statistical data, you have the chance to win good money in this bet. However, several statistical bettors claim that there is certain formula to give you absolute win in each bet. This golden strategy has not been proved effective

The odd-even game is similar to guessing what the color of pebble inside the sack is. You have 50:50 chances, which could role to the other side with a single goal. The most reliable weapon is only statistical data. Unfortunately, even math power could not control what is happening on the field.

In fact, some professionals experience terrible loss when they participate in the odd-even betting. Because of this reason, only those who seek for fun betting will answer the call. The other who feed themselves from betting would be wise enough to walk away; it is even harder than predicting the winning team.

Will It Bring Decent Profit?

Yes, it will. Some people are naturally good at guessing and they could earn long term profit. Again, “luck” might be the main factor to secure more chances. Once you omit this determining factor, you will realize that you are on the edge of impossible cliff. Unless you could enjoy the fall, it is better to step back.

Is There Any Strategy To Win?

Some lucky bettors share their secret tips to win the odd or even bet. The first rule is to wait until the third match in the season. In the other words, joining odd-even bets for the first match is not recommended. You have no information base to decide your side.

After two matches, pay attention to the repetition. If they have odd and even number repeatedly, then all you need to do is following the rhythm. In case the team shoots three odds in the previous matches, then you need to bet even.

Those who are betting for fun would surely take the bait from bookmakers to join this unique betting. In short, you just have to guess whether the game ends with odd or even goals in total. Based on total goal Odd-Even Soccer betting information, you have 50% chance to win the bet and bring back some cash. Is it worth to try?

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