Top Three Popular Three-Reel Slots Games from Playtech

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Playtech features their wide diversity in terms of developing games particularly classic 3-slot games online. Keep reading until the end to know the top three popular three-reel slots games from Playtech. Classic slots are considered traditional games based on the slot game types that have first appeared in land-based casinos. Its machine has 3 reels and the pay line for it is just one. It also has a pay table where players can find the numbers and symbols associated in the game. For the game controls, it makes use of buttons.

Top Three Popular Three-Reel Slots Games from Playtech

The game has a simple objective where the players will simply insert the coin, spin the reel and try to line up winning combinations out of the symbols. The base game for all the slot products out there has originated from this one.

What Are Three-Slot Online Games?

The simplest way to categorize machine slots is through checking the number of reels. There are 5, 7, and the most common number 3. Although higher reel numbers would mean an increase of the number of possible combinations, many players still prefer playing the 3 reel slots. It has basic features and simple visual that appeal for the beginners.

 It has no high-tech animations and highly-detailed arts as compared to the modern video slots, which then makes a fast-paced, classic and clean playing experience.  For players who prefer the types of bars and bell games, these will be more appealing than that of the video slots.

Up until now, 3 reel slots are still popular in the different casinos worldwide. As it seems, this is not going away soon. You might feel that the game is repetitive and that the waiting for the chances of winning a significant payout may bring you the peak of boredom, this game is something. The fact that it has only 3 reels, no bonus rounds and relatively low number of lines – you have higher chances of getting better RTP.

Top Three Popular Three-Reel Slots Games from Playtech
Top Three Popular Three-Reel Slots Games from Playtech

Play Classic Slots Online From Playtech

Classic slot games are no more bound to be just in the casinos. Plenty of classic slot games are now available online at sites like Slot Machine Games, Free Slot Betting Website. Here are the best among the games that you can find online.

  • 8 Ball Slots

8 Ball Slots is a 3-reel slots machine by Playtech that has a pool or billiards theme. All of the symbols on the reels are pool balls that are numbered. The top jackpot of the 8 Ball Slots is 2,000 coins and players can also play in ranging coin sizes starting from 10 cents to $5. If you usually play billiards or pool, Playtech’s 8 Ball Slots would really appeal to you. The game is using the classic 3-reel with a single line format and a single symbol—pool balls.

  • Haunted House

Haunted House is Playtech’s 3 reel and 5 line classic slot machine. Haunted House has a maximum bet of 5 coins and the coin sizes start at 0.05. Garlic symbols are offering the best wins along with 3 on a pay line that pays between 5,000 and 1,000 coins. It has a total of 6 symbols on the reels making up 12 winning combinations. No scatter or wild pay symbol.

  • Crazy 7

Crazy 7 is one of the most extreme examples of a simplified video slot game. If you are an aficionado of slot games, the thrill, impressive graphics, realistic, and immersive game of big wins is already here for you. Crazy 7 is categorized as a retro slot game that has 3 spinning reels and a single pay line in the middle. The reels stop in between symbols. The goal of Crazy 7 is to land the winning combinations on the pay line. Players can bet 1, 2, or 3 coins on their next spin by just clicking the Bet One or Bet Max button.

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