Things You Are Doing Wrong in Live Dealer Roulette

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Live dealer roulette is a game on online casinos which is one of the games with the best odds offered. To play the game, all you have to do is place a bet on the number on the table on which you think the steel ball will land. It also has side bets that you can do, like Black and Red, Odd or Even, Columns, etc. Even though it is this simple to play, there are many things you are doing wrong in live dealer roulette that you do not know. I have list down these things that you are doing wrong and might not be aware.

Things You Are Doing Wrong in Live Dealer Roulette

Things You Are Doing Wrong in Live Dealer Roulette
Things You Are Doing Wrong in Live Dealer Roulette

Randomly Betting on Numbers

Many player thinks that roulette game is a game of chance, they just randomly place a bet on any number on the table layout. This is wrong. Roulette game results not just rely on the number, the colors and the parity is also important, whether it is odd or even. It is important that you learn how to also read the hot and cold numbers. You can find a table of previous results showing which number on the table have been drawn a lot of time. So do not just bet randomly, use the side bets, it has higher chance of winning.

Not Managing Their Bankroll

This is another things that most players of live dealer roulette do. Additional to the random betting on numbers, many bet huge amounts thinking that it can get all their loses. It will only make it worse, if you bet huge amounts of money every time you lose it will drain your bankroll faster than. This is why money management is important. Bet only what you have planned from the start, do not exceed.

Using Roulette Betting Strategies

This is the most popular thing that everyone does. Do not believe on the betting strategies you find on the internet. Some are just written to gain people’s attention and make them forget what’s important in playing roulette games, it is to have fun. Some strategies might work for some, but requires a huge bankroll to properly work. If you want to increase your winning chances, opt for the red/black or odd even bets. Even though they pay not as big as single number bet, they are much safer to play and you can enjoy the game longer.

Playing with the Wrong Online Casino

Each casino have different house edge on games like live dealer roulette. Many people have been playing on the wrong online casino. This is because they didn’t reviewed or compared casinos before playing roulette. And because of this, the casino site takes advantage on those types of players. Only play on legal gambling sites like for example the Trusted Live Casino Gambling Website In Malaysia which have licensed and accreditation from their respective governments.


Hope these information about the things you are doing wrong in live dealer roulette have taught you some lesson. Now you are ready to play live dealer roulette games at a trusted live casino and experience winning huge amounts of money. Good luck and have fun!

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