The Mode of Racing

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In sports, the term racing is the game of speed, against an objective measure such as specific time or point. The participant in a race tries to complete the task in a short amount of time. Mostly it involves reaching some distance, but it can be any other task that involves speed to reach the goal faster. The race may be of several heats, stages or to run from  start to the end. A heat is to run over the main course at different times. The stage is a short section or a time trial.

The Mode of Racing

The Mode of Racing
The Mode of Racing

The Structure of Races

Covering a distance faster is the basis for racing, but there are different form of races conducted in cars, vehicles, boat, aircraft, cycle, or with animal such as horse and dog. Another mode of transport also involved in racing such as skates, wheelchairs, kick sled and skis. In India basically in Tamil Nadu, Bullock cart race is in practice likewise in Karnataka, Buffalo race. Racing has been done in an entertaining way, such as Red Bull Trolley Grand Prix. The senior racing officials implement a reform to protect animal welfare made in the recent years to protect criticism to NSW government against closing greyhound racing. Showroom stock is the production car racing held in the US, it is  a rule restricted and economic version of touring car racing and mainly used for restriction of coast. A particular make of cars produces enormous racing cars. Group N are the several series that runs all over the world. The Young driver championship has been held every year in Australia and  New Zealand for over 22 years.

Auto Racing

The well-known auto racing is formula one car race, which is popular worldwide, and it conducts an annual championship. The Paul Newman, Cofounder of Newman Hass company has died at an age of 86. The company has established, successful hiring Mario Andretti as its first drive and open wheel turns. The NASCAR  is a famous car company announced a race called Sprint Cup and to be held in California.

Racing Competition to be Held

The women’s world cup race to be held in Killington, New England.  The tickets will be on sale in Killington. The women’s slalom and women’s giant slalom are the two competitions to be held. The best female skiers in the world are expected to participate in the race. Killington offers three tiers of tickets, ranging from VIPs to free standing to meet the fans’ budget. Weekend tickets are to be sold separately. The Unicycle Championship is to be held in North America and the race is to be hosted by the Black Hill Unicycle Club which is located YMCA of  Rapid City. The BC bike race has to be officially held in Cumberland, BC. Around 600 riders are going to be participating worldwide from almost 36 countries. A new series known as Roborace has to be held as a part of 2016/2017 Formula E championship. The prototype for each car is revealed by the Simon company, which allow the racers to use the common cars to run. The national championship to be held in Chennai provide a sharp competition. The Volkswagan Vento Series championship grid was from 560 entries that were shortlisted to 62 and then to 12. The selected racers may join eight other racers, who were participating in the previous Vento cup and Polo cup series. The top end India touring car competition spread for two days apart from that 18 grid of cars was driven by talented youngsters came through the selection process.

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