Tennis in India

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In India, there are several games are played by players but our public always love to watch cricket. Cricket is their first priority but now a day’s another games also watched by our audience like tennis, badminton, football, kabaddi and so on. We just love to play these all games and watch simply but our craziness for cricket is out of our mind. Well people now getting interest in tennis. Saniya Mirza, Leander paes, Yuki bhambri are best players of tennis in India.

If we got interest in tennis then it is all because of Saniya Mirza. She was scorching girl for Indian women tennis history. Before that Serena Williams was number one tennis player and Williams’ sisters won several medals and trophies. Saniya was just 19 years old when she reached to world cup final and she was against to Serena Williams. After her this achievement our media and public attracted to tennis and start give it importance.

Tennis in India

Tennis in India
Tennis in India

Mahesh Bhupati and Leander Paes are best players of Indian tennis. Our Indian players had won many trophies in mix double. Men’s and women’s double made its own history but in singles we do not have too much success in field of tennis.  All India Tennis Association (AITA) had established in 1920, which was government body of Tennis in India. These all players practices hard in court during their practices but they have some problem in mutual understanding. Rohan Bonapa and Saniya Mirza refuse to partner Leander paes for Rio Olympics. Leander has very dominating and aggressive behavior therefore another player do not want to play with them, it’s not good sign for our tennis association. Well India is performing nice in tournaments and our players work day and night. Saniya Mirza got married in Pakistan but although she plays for India and always supports our Indian team. She faces many controversies about her dresses and marriage but she did not lose her confidence and maintain her level as usual. Tennis players get sever injuries during tournaments or practicing like Saniya and Mahesh Bhubathi got injuries and waited to play again. Our government does not take games seriously so players will have to suffer more. Tennis is expensive game and it’s coaching, training cannot be afforded by middle class family, our tennis players belong to rich family but if we analysis we have few players in tennis. Players who belong to lower or middle class family they cannot became successful and their talent do not grow up.

Tennis in India is getting popular

Rio Olympic 2016 has qualification for tennis players by ranking maintained by the association of tennis Professionals (ATP) and the women’s tennis association (WTA). List of qualifying player has been published on 6 Jun 2016. Ranking list of WTA and ATP is based on performance from previous 52 weeks, and several tournaments. Players must be part of nominated team for three Fed Cup (women) and Davis Cup (men) events in between 2012 to 2016 Olympics.  There are six entries for male and six for female athletes by national Olympic committee (NOC). These players can participated in maximum 4 events, in individual events and 2 pairs in doubles. Although top ranked American tennis player John Jsner says no to Rio Olympics because he have to focus on American hard court season. He has 16 ranks in the world in tennis. Some other factors are also like ranking points will not be awarded at Rio Olympic. Well we have hope for the best for tennis players in the Rio Olympic and just have to watch this Olympic  for certain changes in games and players.

Recently Serena Williams won her 22thgrand slams in Wimbledon 2016. She beats Angelique Kerber and claiming her 22th grand slam title to tie Steffi Graf on the all time list.

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