Soccer 1×2 Meaning And How To Use It

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Anyone wondering what is soccer 1×2 meaning and how to use it? Well, you just come at the right place. The 1×2 betting is a little bit confusing since the name doesn’t explain itself. In fact, this betting type has the simplest calculation and explanation. Even for this easy to understand betting, you have to rely on your statistical analysis.

Soccer 1×2 Meaning And How To Use It

What Is The Definition?

Terms 1×2 in betting refers to simple definition of win, lose and draw. 1 represents win for the host, while x symbolizes draw match. Number 2 in this code means another win, but it is for the opponent. It is highly recommended to use this betting system when the odds is somewhere between 1.0 and 1.5.

What Sports Using This System?

Basically, it could be applied to any sports that have all three possibilities to happen. The most common ones are football, rugby, tennis, basketball, hockey, volleyball and handball. Any sports that has the winner determined by the fastest time to reach finish line like swimming and horse racing cannot use this system.

Soccer 1x2 Meaning And How To Use It
Soccer 1×2 Meaning And How To Use It

How Will It Appear In The Website?

Once you log in, there will be list of matches and in the top corner you will see the 1×2 betting. Think carefully and refer to your statistical table before putting your money to bet. Once you submit it to server, there is no way to cancel it. There are two more offers: double chance bets and no draw bets. The aim is simple, to reduce the possibility to two options only.

  1. Double Chance

Those who pick this option do not believe in three possibilities. There should be two outcomes only: host or draw, opponent or draw, or host or opponents. Each of these combinations then has their own odds, which is usually bigger than the normal 1×2.

  1. No Draw

In the end, no draw options looks like normal betting procedure. By omitting draw possibility, the teams are facing each other. Oddly, the value is not higher than the normal 1×2, but leaning to one team. In the other words, the other side is left with less than half of the favorite team value.

How to Calculate?

Take a look at the value of each option. As always, it is favorable to bet on the team with the highest odds. For example, for Barcelona vs Real Madrid match, the value for 1 is 1.15, 2 is 2.2 and x is 3.5. You put $10 on the table. If the final result is a win for Barcelona, the host, then you will get $10 x 1.15 = $11.5. Should Real Madrid get the winner title, then you will get even more money: $22.

Is There Any Tips?

When you browse 1×2 betting tips online, you will only find two ways: manual or digital. For manual way, you could make your own statistical data, collecting the win and lose from each team and predict what is going to happen next. As for the digital one, you will find a lot of website offering neutral prediction of the winner. The website runs statistical machine and present its own prediction.

In certain condition, there result if the match expand from two to three possibilities. They are win, lose and draw. In such case, you have the freedom to choose which one is most likely to be the final result. Now you don’t have to be confused about soccer 1×2 meaning and how to use it in betting website.

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