Russia volleyball team enters into the Rio Olympics 2016

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All sports loving people are looking forward to Rio Olympic 2016. It is a dream of every athlete participating in the Olympic squad. The international federation of volleyball announced the 2016 Olympic game schedule – it is going to start from August 5. This year Olympic volleyball federation clears the Russian team for Rio squad 2016. It is the official news from the international federation of volleyball according to the anti doping rule. The independent commission of the world anti doping organization, led by Richard McLaren, Canadian sports law professor, announced a report recently on the results of an investigation into the claim of doping and handling of checking by Russian athletes and officials at the 2014 Winter Olympic sports meeting.

According to the report, a total of 643 cases of failing positive test results in Russia between 2012 and 2015 relating sports person from thirty games, registered by the commission investigation. All cases were assigned to volleyball players and two athletes in beach volleyball from the Russia. Now the statements of the volleyball federation states that the names of the Russian volleyball players and beach volleyball athletes are subjected for approval. Each player’s name in the list of Russian team has been submitted by the Russian volleyball federation and is entirely examined by the FIVB (international federation of volleyball).

Russia volleyball team enters into the Rio Olympics 2016

Russia volleyball team enters into the Rio Olympics 2016
Russia volleyball team enters into the Rio Olympics 2016

The FIVB officially announced that it allowed athletes from the Russian volleyball team for participation in the Rio 2016 Olympics. They have authorized participation of more than two fifty Russian volleyball athletes in the summer Olympic Games 2016 in Rio de Janeiro. The president of volleyball Russia’s Olympic national agency told, “The international volleyball federation has cleared more than two fifty athletes from Russia in Olympic Games”. The main motive of FIVB is to give a hundred percent result about the banned athletes by entirely testing the players. Each eligible player is fully tested by the international anti doping agency without any partiality between players. It is tested in accordance with the international Olympic Council (IOC)’s executive panel decision. FIVB had hundred percent hope in its anti doping system and nil tolerance towards doping. It is entirely committed to protecting spotless players and will take quick action to suspend any player, who has crossed anti doping rules.

FIVB aims to protect clean athletes

The vital role of the volleyball federation protects the athletes, who are spotless. The federation does not bother about the background of the athletes when it suspends them for involving in any doping or illegal activities. The independent organization’s report last week, doping agency recommended the IOC, the (IPC) international Paralympic Committee and all other international sports federations ban Russian players from all national sport events, including Rio 2016. The international federation is urged by the IOC for winter sports championship to suspend preparations for major contestants in Russia. This may be appraised in December during the IOC executive committee meet. Thomas Bach, who is the president of the international Olympic council, announced that Russian volleyball players, with the omission of field and track competitors, are permitted to participate in the 2016 summer Olympic sports based on individual endorsement of each particular world sports association.

Russian volleyball team excited to participate in the Rio 2016 Olympics

Russian volleyball team is excited to participate in the Olympic sports events 2016. After knowing the official information of selected players by the volleyball federation, the team members are very much thrilled and are working hard to establish their goal in the Rio Olympic. The test report shows that the Russian volleyball team is suitable to participate in the Olympic Games to be conducted in August 5. And then, doping agency said that the test result conducted by the doping agency is more than enough to participate in the games.

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