One Re-Signing and no sight of Pogba? Zidane looking to move on from Perez’s Galactico fascination?

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When Florentino Perez arrived in 2009, his blueprint was very clear: The return of the Galactico era. And the arrivals proved his intention was very much strong. Kaka was brought in from AC Milan at a record fee that last for just few days as Ronaldo’s transfer shattered it. And Gareth Bale was the biggest statement made by Perez breaking the 100 million mark that was previously considered bordering on unthinkable. The signings may have increased the sales of shirts,merchandises and revenues but they have come at a price: Trophies. For every star player brought in, the cost was a sacrifice at the altar of fame and revenues.

This year though  has been markedly different. Initially linked with Paul Pogba, the Los Blancos have cooled their interests in the Frenchman with Manchester United looking his most likeliest destination.None of the other big names are looking likely to arrive at Santiago Bernabeu. Even the likes of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, who has professed his desire for turning out in the all white kit hasn’t looked to arrive at Madrid. Zinedine Zidane, in his pre-season media briefings, has emphasised the possibility of looking at the Castilla, the ’B’ team of Madrid for further reinforcements if the need arises.

One Re-Signing and no sight of Pogba? Zidane looking to move on from Perez’s  Galactico fascination?

One Re-Signing and no sight of Pogba? Zidane looking to move on from Perez’s  Galactico fascination?
One Re-Signing and no sight of Pogba? Zidane looking to move on from Perez’s Galactico fascination?

Taking into account the transfer ban looming on the horizon, it’s indeed a bold move on part of Zidane. The President’s reactions, who known for his notorious big money signings is yet to trickle in, it could well mark a shift in the transfer policy. One that can be fruitful to both, the faithfuls and the manager

No Big signings could brings more Stability

The Big money signings were not in conjunction with the Coach’s mindset. Nor did they fit in any philosophy. Because Madrid didn’t have any. The signings defined the Philosophy. The likes of Manuel Pellegrini and Carlo Ancelotti were made to pay for the failures of arrivals they had not even asked for. The arrival of Gareth Bale saw Mesut Ozil move out. James Rodriguez’s arrival saw Angel Di Maria,a player who had been the chief creator of the decisive moments in their trophy laden season under Ancelotti, shipped to Manchester United.

The players were the biggest hurdles to team’s success at times. Their exclusion would have generated plenty of frowns from the Man who pulled the strings and Coaches yielded under pressure time and again. Last season, Matteo Kovacic was the only signing made at Rafael Benitez’s behest.And he didn’t get his chance to shine simply because he couldn’t break through the stars that were ahead of him in the pecking order due to their price tag. It was a flaw that was obvious to everyone but Perez and is one of the reasons why Barcelona have dominated utterly in the last eight years as the Blancos stood by and watched. Zidane in his first Clasico showed he was not afraid to take big steps as he kept the big money arrival Danilo on bench for the match. And while he is in charge, the same can be expected in the upcoming season.

The Youngsters to guide Madrid to Glory?

While Zidane has managed to keep the star players happy, he also gave the academy graduates a chance to succeed. The result? The likes of Lucas Vazquez have managed to shine through and justify their inclusions. From the early looks of the preseason, Zidane is very clear on keeping stability in the Madrid ranks as long as he is calling the shots. It could mean more substance over names, more hard work over stardom and maybe more success at the cost of revenues. If he succeeds, Perez might have to relent for a change.

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