Information about Kind of Sports Games for Mix Parlay Betting

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You could choose more than one kind of sports games for mix parlay betting. This type of betting is widely known by bettors, except for the beginners. It ensures greater amount of money, but with bigger risk, too. To be able to gain profit from mix parlay, you should have pretty accurate prediction and information about kind of sports games for mix parlay betting.

Information about Kind of Sports Games for Mix Parlay Betting

How Does It Work?

Instead of setting your eyes on one match, mixed parlay push you to observe at least three matches at once. What makes it more challenging is you need absolute belief that at least half of your teams is going to win. Poor prediction will make you lose the bet or get less money.

There are four options you could choose: win all, win half, lose half, and lose half (x2). Taking the first one will give you the biggest amount of money, only if your teams win all-kill. Starting from the second to the latest, the cash transferred to your account is depleting.

In win half, you bet on four teams and one of them is losing. This would be a great choice when you are not sure about the winner. For lose half and lose half (x2), you bet on three teams. The only difference is one of the team is losing in lose half and there is one more losing team for the later one.

To join the bet, you should log in to the Malaysia Online Sports Betting Site, Live in Play Bets first. There, you will see the odds or value of each team in certain league. Then, you will put a stake; this is the money you bet. The easiest option to calculate is win all. You have this formula: stake x odds – stake.

Information about Kind of Sports Games for Mix Parlay Betting
Information about Kind of Sports Games for Mix Parlay Betting

What Are Sports-Bet Types?

Normally, you only bet on one sport with a lot of leagues. Some of them are football, baseball, basketball, golf, etc. Several bookmakers even offer horse racing, mixed martial arts, sailing, tennis, fencing, darts and many more. You then proceed to predict which teams are going to claim their victory. However, there are options for more challenging mix parlay bet.

  1. Two-Sport Mixed

The titles you can choose is varied from one website and the others. Some may allow you to pick among more than ten choices, while the others limit your choice. It is also possible to pick one sport from different level, for example: NBA and college basketball. Those who take this risk must have perfect knowledge on both sports.

  1. Three-Sport Mixed

If you love hard challenge, then this tough three-sport mix parlay bet might be for you. Imagine predicting three big sports league at the same time: NBA, MLB and NHL. There would be a lot of handicaps to remove during the selection process. It would be more complex if you put golf in the list.

  1. Special Mixed Parlay

This is the most difficult and nearly impossible bet to win. When you join, the website will show mix sports. You are not allowed to choose. Due to its high level of difficulty, special mixed parlay offer huge amount of money. A sample case of special mix is three football matches, three baseball games, and a tennis tournament.

Standard betting game predict which team is going to win. To double the fun and money, there is mix parlay, where you should predict at least four winners. If you do it right, then you could get great amount of money. When you miss one of the match, it means you loose the whole bet. Several kind of sports games for mix parlay betting can be combined.

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