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E-games online is a type of game or usually a video game played through the internet or a computer network, where a multiple number of players can play across the world from different locations. Online gaming can be located everywhere in modern gaming platform that includes mobile devices, multiple online role playing games, personal computers and strategy games. E Gaming requires a high-speed internet facility. While in PCs proper hardware and Graphics core should be installed. Specific game controller such as Joystick or game controllers that connect with internet. The main things for online gaming is to download the game, contain gaming software such as CD or DVDs is must. The latest software and web browser versions also needed.


The history of E gaming started early in the 1970s, with packet based computer networking. Dial-up bulletin boards afford users by way of playing games with other over online, these were an early bases. Later in the 1990s, the new technology such as Java and Flash were being used by the gaming developers.  A lot of websites offer free online games but some are paid subscription.


Massive growth of Online Gaming

E games are growing more popular for a various reasons, the player may find the opponent of the similarities when playing over the internet. One can compete with more than one player in the online gaming world. The player can make a text chat with other player. When the number of players joined for play, they have to agree an End User License Agreement that helps prevent conflict between  players. The Red Dead Redemption is the most popular game developing company that has launched a game on Xbox one and PS4 a Grand Theft V, that gain more followers.

Online Gambling through Internet

Online gaming is not just a past time which is harder to believe, it also enables online gambling through gaming. The online gambling game involves the most types of gambling. The game like The Euro Palace are grasping fast in the online gaming market. Almost  20 billion dollars were made through the gaming market worldwide. Some have authorized the rise of internet gaming ability to do different things. One of the main things that drive the gambling industries forward is, change made by the correction to the online gambling restrictions being made. The new President of Philippines addressed during the first cabinet meeting to stop the reproduction of online gambling in the country and revoke their license.

Current Development of E gaming

The more common games premier of the site, such as Kongregate for playing online free games. Some of the simple game play provides addictive game play. The important reason for online gaming is, it raises the inter connectivity between the players throughout the world. The office workers lose several hours during lunch and break time by playing online games. The sports gaming has been strong for past few years. Smart phones, tablets and more gadgets are available for the people to play E games and online gambling during travelling, sitting at home or during a break at work. The public sectors and some Government sectors also provide free wi-fi facility which can be availed by the people by downloading online games. With fast server, the RPGs are as good as most other games. The play station 4 is at the peak of the sales that flood the next generation. The game should be more elaborate for the online game websites, so that many computer consoles and PC gamer  are engaged with the online game of the gaming sites.

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