Cricket in Olympic Games

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Opposition to cricket’s entrance into the Olympic Games is put to become gradually more difficult after the ICC (Indian cricket council) had suggested that the sport’s favored path to inclusion may be shelved by the IOC (Indian Olympic council). One week before, in Edinburgh the Olympic question was discussed among a set of agenda items. The initial window for cricket to be played in the Olympic Games in 2024, an event favored to be awarded to Los Angeles. Budapest, Rome and Paris are the other requesting cities, with the official award declaration to be made in September next year.

The ICC is enthusiastic to apply directly through the IOC, instead of through the local systematizing committees of individual games. This is partially, because the IOC path directly involves the funding of at the minimum of $15 to 20 million for the ICC, in addition to the money made accessible to each individual board.

Cricket in Olympic Games

Cricket in Olympic Games
Cricket in Olympic Games

Reasons for why cricket is not   an Olympic game – told by cricket expert

The Olympic game is about description as much as anything-about providing each part of the world together under the council of sport. One of the most popular games in the world is cricket, with a predictable billion plus people counted as fans, but that does nott make it a global sport. High level worldwide cricket is played only by a handful of nations, and many people in ICC relate and affiliate nations would have only a transitory interest at best. This does not mean a limited amount of attention in the possibility of cricket at the Olympics. The latest winter Olympics lasts up to 3 weeks and features more than three hundred unique events, all of which would be cricket’s opponents. It could be argued that its length is one of the game’s most attractive features, offering as it has chances for different in-game narratives to develop, but it would not stand an opportunity if programmed against shot put qualification or games that are finished in seconds or minutes.

ICC waits for finding desired host city to include cricket

ICC has told the new attractive pathway that it may be closed down for the 2024 Olympics and past, due to a wish to make the sports as flexible as likely for each host city. The 2020 Olympics, planned to be conducted in Tokyo, has recently chosen karate, sports climbing, baseball or softball, skateboarding, and surfing. The ICC waits on the wish of a city to include cricket would need the selection of a place that already has cricket as part of its society, with the possibility that it could then occur again after only one Olympics.

Statement from IOC earlier in this month

The IOC said the organizing team for the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 projected the new game in reply to the new flexibility offered by Olympic schedule 2020, the IOC’s roadmap for the prospect of the Olympic group, to encourage innovation in the Olympic events. Olympic schedule 2020 gives host cities, the choice of suggesting latest sports and programs for inclusion in their edition of the games. The mass city selections are not compulsory on future games hosts. Latest argument between the ICC and the BCCI saw the Indian board repeat its unwillingness to work with the Indian Olympic committee in any way at this position in time. As a result of talks with the BCCI, ICC organization has decided to speak to the IOC about the chance of cricket entering the games with no inclusion of the BCCI entering into an official agreement with the IOA. However, ICC already concluded that these possibilities are improbable, leaving the BCI’s irritable relationship with the IOA as a huge obstacle to cricket’s participation in the Olympics. That conclusion was confirmed by concurrent discussions with broadcasters.

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