Canada Breaks the History of the Wimbledon Tennis Tournament 2016

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The Wimbledon final tennis tournament was held on Sunday, July 10, 2016. Canada has become an increasing power in the summer pastime of tennis. Canada breaks the biggest history at this year’s Wimbledon tournament. Milos Raonic of Canada lost to Andy Murray of Britain in his second Wimbledon title, but he showed the best Canadian players in a men’s grand slam. Similarly, Shapovalov turned out to be only the third Canadian to win a junior grand slam. As that match was concluded, Shapovalov achieved the No.1, playing for his second championships of the day.  There was power in numbers amongst Canadian players at the all England Club. Raonic met the match against Andy Murray; he was the first Canadian to play in a grand slam final. But Raonic lost his match with 6-4, 7-6 (3), 7-6 (2).

Canada Breaks the History of the Wimbledon Tennis Tournament 2016

Andy Murray has reached the best part of his career after beating Raonic in the Wimbledon final. He said that he has got a great opportunity to win more in his career. He said that he feels happier this time after he beat Raonic. He received the third grand slam by thrashing Raonic in the Wimbledon tennis tournament of 2016. He is from Britain and he wins the first time Wimbledon tournament to become a world number one player. But the Canadian tennis player achieved a lot in this tournament. They said last week, they had a lot of positive future in Canadian tennis.

Canada Breaks the History of the Wimbledon Tennis Tournament 2016
Canada Breaks the History of the Wimbledon Tennis Tournament 2016

Canadian achievement in Wimbledon tournament:

Canada supports the tennis player, who has spent nine years in developing promising players with full time coaching and gave full educational support and financial assistance. But they give the best results in London marking a turning point for tennis. And their hard work has been paying off faster than some officials expected. The three Canadian junior men got ranked in the top 15 in the world among players under 18. No other country has got ranked below 20. Auger Aliassime got third ranked who is 15. Bianca is ranked top 10 in junior girls and Charlotte also achieved top 10 ranked. Canada is the leading tennis countries now, because of the development that they made in the last several years. Denis Shapovalov won the boy’s championship and has been a breakthrough for Canadian players. Raonic and Shapovalov ran into each other in doping organize following their matches on Sunday. Shapovalov said that he was anxious to start the match, but he beat and got the championship at Wimbledon. He was crammed with impressive assemblies that showcased his flair and qualities.

To make the practice of Canadian players:

In 2007, Canada had made the decision, they would not spotlight only on paying down the balance related to the construction of the tennis stadium in Toronto, and they wanted to develop the player development. Canada opened two other training centers in Toronto and Vancouver. One could see that the Canadian tennis is moving forward a lot and they debut at the City Open in Washington. The team gained a break point with the crosscourt backhand passing shot. Shapovalov said, hopefully, it does not stop our achievement here. . The next generation also will achieve and they start working harder. And he also added that they have more Grand slam champions in Canada. Their performance will encourage the future generation and thus they motivated their juniors. The tennis players said that they have a lot of coaches inside and outside the organization, which he mentioned as the main reason for their achievement.

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