Best Live Casino Games for Real Money

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We play live casino games to have fun and at the same time earn as much as possible. However, one thing that you need to know is that not all games are equal. Some may treat you good but others are the worst. With this in mind, I am sure that you are having second thoughts on playing casino games online. The good news is that there is the best live casino games for real money which ensures that you get to walk away with money on your hands.

Best Live Casino Games for Real Money

Best Live Casino Games for Real Money
Best Live Casino Games for Real Money


First on this list is the all-time favorite card game Baccarat. What makes this game best to play for real money is the fact that it is easy to play. All you have to do is choose between Banker and Player; which hand you think will receive a total value closer or equal to nine (9). There is also a side bet wager called “Tie” which happens when two hands receive the same total value of card and pays 8:1. Wagers are then returned less the commission.

Winning on Player hands pays even money and on Banker hands a total of 95% of your stake. What’s more, you can never get tired of playing baccarat at Casinoqq801 Best Live Malaysia Casino Site & Online Betting Games. You see, there are plenty of variations of this game at this website. To give you an example, you will find 7 UP, Super 98 and Multi-Game.

Chinese Fantan

As the name implies, it is an Ancient Chinese game. It is played on a flat surface or table and uses a cup and handful of beans or small plastic beads. Your goal on this game is to predict how many beads you think will be left on the table once the dealer groups them by four. I can’t deny that the game pace is quite slot compare to baccarat but in return; you get to experience a new kind of game.

Bet available at Chinese fantan are easy to be understood by anyone. There is four kinds of wagers in here. First is the single number bet (Fan) with a payout of 3:1. Next is the bet on two numbers (Nim) which is indicated as a push that pays 2:1. Then there is Kwok a bet on two numbers which both must win with payout of 1:1.  Nga Tan a stake on three number, one is indicated as a push and pays out 1:2. Lastly, Sheh-Sam-Hong; a stake on three numbers all which should win with payout of 1:3.


The only downside is that the best live casino games for real money is not available for free play. But in return, you are sure to walk away with some cash in your hands. Remember, do not play with money which you cannot afford to lose and do use some simple bankroll management. This will help you become a more responsible gambler.

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